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Think about it, the rain pattering outside the window, hazy neon colors, a person, listening to the rain at the window. What a beautiful poetic scene ah! But the mind was thinking: this person photographed, sent to a circle of friends will be how many praise? Alas, in the city can not find the true nature of life, not into the wisdom of Mars, blame?
At this point, can not help but think of Lung Ying-tai, she was in Taipei, "Wisteria House" and friends to talk about tea, look around, "Wisteria leisurely open." Taipei has 58 Starbucks, Long should be Taiwan alone favor this teahouse, not so much that she understands "Wisteria House clearly the city's life experience", as she understands how to find inspiration in the city scene of life wisdom. One person a tea, fragrance wind around, this scene, only the real life of people can enjoy.
Not all scenes can inspire people's life wisdom, such as Lin Qingxuan said: "good mood, always open lotus." The root causes, but good at fake, heart twitch satisfied to fill the vacancy in the heart. So, read it! And the ancients exchange, and scholars argue, with spring and winter snow with breathing, kai cicadas autumn and winter were forgotten machine. Enrich the heart, without excessive information to make up for loneliness, accumulation of wisdom to polish his eyes. As a result, Hong Yi a master of the "Chinese branches sky, Tian Xin Yue Yuan" of the environment, not only in the city to find more life with the vision of the living beings of the integration.
The next time you will blame their own unhappy life in the city, please look at yourself. Because, for those who truly comprehend the wisdom of life, flow of people, tall buildings of the city scene, you can also bring the spring tide, moon breeze.

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